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    I adore this image...although we are missing the other two kids. The story about this one is we just got off the California adventure big a$$ rollercoaster and Lauren our daughter was choked. She was mad that her dad let he let her go on it. It scared the pants off her. I totally get it ‘cause it scared me too, but I was trying to be all tough for my kids and not let on that I would rather not scream my face off and make a complete fool out of myself.

    So trying to make her smile I wanted to get a picture of everyone here, I asked her if she would get in the picture. I barely got a glance in my direction. So then I asked her if she wanted to take the picture...nothing. Harry starting jumping up and down 'pick me, pick me!'

    So I carefully hand him my camera with hesitation hoping that he doesn't drop it. He tells me to go stand by dad. And then he totally starts to direct us. "K move over this way...move your hand over there...smile..no now move over that way...hug dad." "Hudson put your arms in the air!" {OMG...so friggin cute I couldn't stand it} Obviously I give a bit of direction when I take their pics.

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